About Blind VI

Written by: Jessica, Owner/Webmaster

About Blind VI:
This website is a place where the blind, partially sighted and sighted can gain information on different topics in regards to blindness and visual impairment. Most sections have information to educate where as other areas have interactive Javascript/flash applications for those with sight.

About the Jessica
Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentsoa in 1993, I didn't know much about RP or blindness. I didn't know I was losing vision. I started my rehab training my sophomore year of high school. While in college early 2002 I started working on a small side website to keep me busy during the summer. The project was about braille at the time although with the feedback and encouragement I got, I opted to extend the website. In 2004 I extended the website to other areas as a place where those needing information quickly on the topic of blindness can get to it. Since then the website has evolved and changed multiple times to keep up with current information and websites.

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