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About Access Tech
Talks about the website's objective and disclaimer. Read this if you're a first time visitor to this portion of the Blind VI.

Screen Magnifyers
Descriptions and information on various magnifyers that enlarge the screen for the visually impaired.

Screen Readers
Descriptions and information on various readers that speak whats on the screen for those who are blind or those with severe visual impairment.

Scanners & Displays
Descriptions and information on various equipment that scan text into the computer. Also includes on the different displays that are used.

Notetaking Devices
Descriptions and information on various note taking devices that are portable to use outside of the home.

Scanners & Displays
Descriptions and information about devices that scan text into the computer. Or devices that display text in braille.

A large list of access technology vendors. Very nice feature for those who are in need to look for information about a certain product, product's company and who sells that particular product.

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