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About Blind VI
Wwebsite's background and the story behind its creation.

Listing for games that are accessible to the blind/vi. Some can be playable over the net, and some are download only. Some games are free to play, others ask you buy the game or try the free demos.

Listing of websites for and written by the blind/vi. Some of these websites hold valuable info for the blind/vi, others hold information and other features such as chat or communities. Sections also include eye conditions, general and a braille section.

Check out listings for schools for the blind and also guide dog schools. Also a general list of organizations for the blind/vi and a listing for braille, large print and talking books.

Message Center
Section consists of several forms. You can Contact Blindvi, fill out the Contact Us Survey, Recommend Us or Website SUrvey forms. All feedback and recommendations are appricated and welcomed.

Twitter Page
Blind VI now has a Twitter page! All the rage, Twitter allows short notes to be passed onto anyone whose lists Blind VI as a follower. Follow Blind VI today on Twitter and then tell your followers to add Blind VI as their follower. This is quick way to get short updates out to those who prefer quick snipits of info rather then a long boring blog entry. Twitter is just one way to promote Blind VI.

Search the Site
The search box is now on its own page. Just type in a keyword that is related to this website. Then click on search blind v i. You will then be taken to the site search's result page.

Facebook Fan Page
Just like Twitter, Facebook is yet another popular place where people tend to network and socialize. So I thought why not create a fan page? Facebook fan page has been up longer than twitter. If you're a member of facebook and logged in please stop on by. Become a fan of Blind VI and click on share to tell your pals about the site. So this is yet another way to cross promote the website.

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If you love the site and visit it on a regular basis please bookmark us! This section has features for book marking it, save blind v i as your default home page, imaged or text banner links to place on your website/blogs/profiles, and of course tell a friend.

Linked Websites
Access Tech
*Under Construction* This part of Blind VI talks about the different aspects, and programs for Access Technology for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It only discusses screen readers, screen magnifiers, note taking devices and other things. It does not discuss independent living aids, thats a whole different section.

This section has loads of information, tools and fun interactive but education games about braille.

White Cane
Educational information about the long white cane. Also has image gallery for those who need pictures to understand the different types of canes and cane use. Sections also include a vendors page, the white cane law model, article on white cane safety day and more.

Guide Dogs
*Under Construction with some pages finished.* A great place to gain information on guide dogs! Pictures, downloads, articles and more!

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